SPONSORED: Simply Skin Is the Premier Laser Center. What Are Lasers and What Do They Do?

Joanne Bauer

Joanne Bauer

Published November 18, 2023 5:20 am

CLARION, Pa. (EYT) – Just like phones and computers, medical spa treatments have evolved to become higher-tech and more affordable.  This is the case for lasers and energy devices which are the big guns of non-invasive procedures in medical spas.

(Pictured above: Dr. Cynthia Hoffmeier of Simply Skin Medical Spa.)

Lasers are energy devices that deliver a compact beam of light directed to specific targets in the skin, to elicit a specific result. The type of laser modality and the wavelength is the first consideration when performing a treatment.

Dr. Hoffmeier and the staff at Simply Skin Medical Spa are highly trained professionals in the use of FDA-cleared, Class IV medical devices and are able to address:

  • Permanent Hair Removal/ Reduction
  • Benign Pigmented Lesions, Sun freckles, and Melasma
  • Dermal Resurfacing: sun damage, scarring, acne, acne scars, wrinkle reduction
  • Skin tightening and lifting
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Removal of traumatic and cosmetic tattoos
  • Hair restoration
  • Vascular abnormalities: rosacea, hemangiomas, and veins on face and body
  • Feminine and Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Body Sculpting and Permanent Fat Removal

Comfort and Confidence are our goals.  We want our clients to feel comfortable during the treatment, and confidence in our staff to perform the treatments safely and effectively.

Laser Hair Removal– the permanent reduction in hair for both women and men to eliminate the need for shaving.

Pigment Reduction– the removal of unwanted age spots, sun freckles, and melasma on the face or body.

Dermal Resurfacing– We utilize several lasers for resurfacing options to improve everything from skin tone and texture, wrinkle reduction, acne scars, stretch marks, and overall rejuvenation.

Skin Tightening and Lifting– In order to tighten and lift, we penetrate the skin with deep and intense energy that stimulates collagen and causes contraction and tightening of the deeper tissues. Genius Radiofrequency is the best in class.

Skin Rejuvenation– WE utilize multiple laser options tailored to the specific goals of our clients. This can involve resurfacing, deep energy to stimulate collagen and elastin, and toning for pigment, redness, lines, and wrinkles.

Removal of Tattoos– the pigment in the tattoo can be targeted to lift it off the skin. Several treatments are necessary to permanently remove tattoos.  We find many people remove old tattoos to be replaced by new art.

Hair Restoration– the scalp can be stimulated with our Thulium energy laser to stimulate the scalp and laser assist the penetration of specific growth factors for hair restoration.

Vascular Abnormalities– we are able to use multiple wavelengths of light and energy to collapse telangiectasias on the face, treat the redness of Rosacea, and treat veins of the face and legs.

Feminine Rejuvenation– for those women whose intimate life suffers from dryness, pain, and bladder difficulties, the tissue can be restored to a healthy state. Perfect for those who cannot use estrogen or those who choose not to.

Body Sculpting– we can permanently remove fat with Coolsculpting Elite, the number one treatment in the world for non-surgical fat removal in 9 approved areas for both women and men.

Your comfort during laser therapies is our goal.  We begin with a topical anesthetic cream, use an air chiller to provide comfort, and for those who prefer can utilize, ProNox or laughing gas.

Dr. Hoffmeier has extensive training and 25 years of experience with aesthetic lasers, and her staff has been trained in each laser we use.

Simply Skin is known as the Premier Laser Center and strives to bring state-of-the-art laser therapies to Clarion and the surrounding areas, at affordable prices.

If you are wondering how our laser therapies may benefit you, schedule a complimentary consultation. It’s LASER SEASON!

Call Simply Skin Med Spa at 814-227-2362.


Dr. Cynthia Hoffmeier is the owner of Simply Skin Med Spa in Clarion and has been providing our area with expertise in skincare for 25 years. She is the first physician in the area to specialize in aesthetic skincare and non-invasive laser therapies for the improvement and maintenance of healthy skin.

She is committed to keeping abreast of the latest developments in cosmetic rejuvenation and trains with renowned physicians across the United States to offer the most effective options for skin health and appearance.


Simply Skin offers professional-grade skin care, Botox, Juvéderm, multiple laser services, Coolsculpting, massage services, and spa treatments.

Call Simply Skin today and start your journey.

Phone: 814-227-2362
Address: 420 Wood Street, Clarion, PA 16214
Website: https://simplyskinmedispa.com/ Also, follow Simply Skin on FB, IG, and Twitter.

Photos by Dave Cyphert of ProPoint Media.

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