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Adrian Weber

Adrian Weber

Published June 14, 2023 9:00 am

Clarion County has an opening for a Corrections Officer.

POSITION: Corrections Officer

  • Part-Time, 32 hours or less a week

DEPARTMENT: County Prison, Clarion, PA.

PAY GRADE: $14.75/hour starting rate.

POSTING DATE: Thursday, June 8, 2023.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 4:00 PM.

QUALIFICATIONS: Possess a high school diploma or the equivalent, plus some training in typing and personal computers. First Aid and CPR helpful.


This is work in maintaining order, supervision of conduct, and provision of nonprofessional counseling of inmates in the institution on an assigned shift. An employee in this position is responsible for the prevention of escape, maintaining discipline, and providing advice and guidance in assisting inmates in their adjustment to and participation in the programs offered by the institution. Clerical duties are also required in this position.

1. Conducts searches on incoming inmates and prepares them for commitment.
2. Makes rounds and ensures proper head count.
3. Ensures all doors and windows are locked and prison is secure.
4. Maintains logbooks and other internal records of inmates’ activities as required by the institution.
5. Supervises inmates during bathing, meals, and recreation periods and on work details in and around the prison.
6. Searches visitors for contraband upon entering the institution for visits and assists with visitations within the prison.
7. Checks incoming mail, clothing, and other items for contraband or other illegal items.
8. Observes inmates and their activities for any unusual behaviors or needs, and reports changes in personality and demeanor of inmates.
9. Interfaces with inmates to determine their needs or problems.
10. Documents and maintains daily log of prison inmate activities and/or incidents.
11. Maintains records for commissary and inmates’ accounts.
12. Processes inmates in and out of the institution, which includes but is not limited to gathering background information, collecting, and securing the inmates’ personal items, and coordinating the assignment of quarters.
13. Responsible for the orderly movement of inmates inside and outside of the institution.
14. Performs related work, as designated, i.e., washing clothes, disbursing/recording medications, providing minor first aid to inmates, serving meals, assisting fellow Correctional Officers when needed in all areas of the prison, etc.
15. Assists in entering statistical data in computer for database records or typing miscellaneous documents and reports.
16. Attends training, meetings, and in-services as required.
17. Performs other job-related work as required.
18. Transports and guards’ inmates as assigned; controls inmates at all times, using restraint devices when necessary.
19. Interacts with inmate population, including individuals that may have mental health issues, be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that may have a potential for assaultive behavior. Must also interact with other County Offices and the public.
20. Conducts warrant checks on inmates via JNET.

Receives frequent to occasional instruction and some daily supervision from the Chief Deputy Warden, and OIC regarding daily work duties.

Oversees the care, custody, and control of inmates at the Clarion County Jail.

1. Works indoors in adequate workspace, lighting, temperatures, and ventilation.
2. Works indoors with average exposure to noise, stress, and disruptions.
3. Normal indoor exposure to dust/dirt.
4. Required to work all three shifts and must be available to work overtime and “on call” duty.
5. Potential exposure to blood borne pathogens or communicable diseases.
6. Works in conditions of potential outbursts of disruptive behaviors of clients.

1. Must possess ability to record, convey and present information, explain procedures, and follow instructions.
2. Must be able to stand for long periods throughout the workday with intermittent periods of sitting, walking, and talking; occasional twisting, bending, reaching, pushing, pulling to carry out job duties.
3. Dexterity requirements range from simple to coordinated movements of fingers/hands, feet/legs, and torso necessary to carry out job duties.
4. Sedentary work, with occasional lifting/carrying of objects with a maximum weight of ten pounds.
5. Must be able to react quickly physically and mentally in the event of a disturbance or physical outbreak.

Possess a high school diploma, or the equivalent, plus some training in typing and personal computers. First Aid and CPR helpful.

None required. Experience in corrections, security, investigative or counseling is preferred.

Must work in conjunction with employer to apply for Act 34 PA State Police Criminal History, Act 151 PA Child Abuse and FBI clearances prior to employment. All clearances must reflect acceptable results. Clearances must be renewed every five years.

1. Must be able to speak and understand the English language in an understandable manner to carry out essential job duties.
2. Must possess ability to maintain confidentiality regarding client/inmate information and records.
3. Must possess personal integrity and honesty.
4. Must possess the ability to work effectively with inmates and prison staff.
5. Must possess a high degree of alertness and ability to detect problems or potential problems.
6. Must possess some technical knowledge and ability to operate typewriter and computers for data entries or record keeping.
7. Must possess knowledge of the practices, policies, and procedures of the prison operations.
8. Must possess ability to react quickly and calmly in an emergency.
9. Must possess ability to enforce rules and regulations with firmness.
10. Must possess some knowledge and understanding of individual and group behavior and attitude of individuals under restraint.
11. Must attend and successfully complete Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Basic Training Academy program after completion of probationary period. Scheduling of training will be done regarding training availability and at direction of Prison Administration.

A County application and transcripts are required to be considered for the advertised vacancy. Applications are only accepted for positions in which we are actively recruiting. Applications received for positions not being advertised or general/blanket applications will be discarded.

Applications are available:

Online by visiting:

  • www.co.clarion.pa.us/how_do_i/apply_for/employment_opportunities/index.php.
  • In-Person by visiting the Clarion County Human Resource Office on the 2nd floor of the Administration Building located at 330 Main Street, Clarion, PA 16214.
  • By fax or e-mail. You must contact the Clarion County Human Resource Office by calling 814-226-4000 EXT 2909 to share your e-mail or fax number.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Thursday, June 22, 2023, at 4:00 PM.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Clarion county is a drug free workplace. Applicants who require special accommodations due to a disability should contact the human resources department at 814-226-4000 ext 2909 for assistance.

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