Youth Detention Center Employee Accused of Having Sexual Relationship with Juvenile

Jacob Deemer

Jacob Deemer

Published April 15, 2023 4:30 am

HOWE TWP., Pa. (EYT) – An employee of a youth detention center is accused of having a sexual relationship with a juvenile at the facility in Howe Township, Forest County.

According to court documents, Marienville-based State Police filed criminal charges against 47-year-old Elizabeth Ann Bohler, of Clarion, in Magisterial District Judge Daniel L. Miller’s office on Wednesday, April 12.

According to a criminal complaint, PSP Marienville received a ChildLine Report on January 6 around 12:26 p.m. regarding a juvenile at the Abraxas Juvenile Center in Howe Township, Forest County.

It was reported that the juvenile told others at the facility about kissing Elizabeth Bohler, who is one of the staff members, at the beginning of December 2022, and that Bohler kissed (him/her) back, the complaint states.

It was also reported that this contact led to the juvenile and Bohler having sexual contact in a closet at the facility, according to the complaint.

This case was then assigned to the Criminal Investigation Unit.

During an interview with PSP Marienville, the juvenile related (he/she) had a relationship with Bohler that has lasted for a couple of months, and it has escalated. The juvenile stated they would write sexual letters to each other, and Bohler provided (him/her) with her vaping devices for use, according to the complaint.

The juvenile related Bohler sent text messages while (he/she) was on a home pass and that Bohler had a special contact name for (him/her) in her cell phone, the complaint notes.

On one occasion, the juvenile stated Bohler gave (him/her) access to her personal cellular phone pictures which exposed several explicit photos, the complaint states.

The juvenile further related that sometime between the end of November 2022 and the beginning of December 2022, (he/she) was in a closet with Bohler, and hugging and flirting escalated into kissing. On another encounter in December 2022, the juvenile was in a closet with Bohler, and they began kissing and Bohler touched (him/her) inappropriately. The juvenile related this escalated into Bohler engaging in sexual contact with (him/her), the complaint indicates.

State Police in Marienville interviewed Bohler on January 17, 2023, at 11:15 a.m.

Police say Bohler was hesitant to give any details regarding the entire incident during the first part of the interview, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that during the interview, Bohler continued to deny any physical contact or a relationship with the juvenile. However, as the interview continued, Bohler was caught in multiple contradictions, and she revealed more details.

Bohler related she did not have the juvenile’s number saved in her cell phone, and that she never sent text messages to the juvenile at any point. Bohler then showed investigators her contacts on her phone, and the juvenile was listed in her phone with hearts surrounding the name. This number matched the cell phone number provided, the complaint indicates.

According to the complaint, Bohler eventually admitted to sending a text message to the juvenile while (he/she) was on a home pass. Bohler also related she did not show the juvenile explicit images of herself, but (he/she) found them when (he/she) was looking through her phone.

Bohler reportedly related she was in the closet in a dorm at Abraxas Juvenile Center around the month of November 2022, and the juvenile came in with her and kissed her. She stated this occurred several times between her and the juvenile, but she could not provide the exact number of times, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Bohler stated that the juvenile would slap her buttocks and was always touching her and flirting with her. She related the juvenile was the aggressor and often would initiate kisses and touching between them, always in the closets.

The complaint notes that Bohler then stated “Although (the juvenile) was the aggressor, it did not matter because she is the adult, and she should have known better.” She went on to say “She is 47, and how did she let it get to the point of having the relationship they did the last few months.”

Bohler also related she sent several letters to the juvenile, with most of them saying things like she hopes (he/she) improves, and (he/she) is “a good kid.” Bohler related the juvenile gave her several letters in return, the complaint continues.

She then told police she never bought vaping devices for the juvenile, but let (him/her) use her vapes on occasion, the complaint notes.

According to the complaint, Bohler stated that the juvenile kissed her and grabbed her one time in a big supply closet, but she did not believe she touched (him/her) inappropriately. Bohler then said, “It could have happened.”

The complaint added that Bohler denied engaging in oral sex with the juvenile.

According to court documents, the following charges were filed against Bohler on April 12:

  • Institutional Sexual Assault Of Minor, Felony 3
  • Dissemination Explicit Sex Material to a Minor, Felony 3
  • Endangering Welfare Of Children — Parent/Guardian/Other Commits Offense, Misdemeanor 1
  • Corruption Of Minors, Misdemeanor 1
  • Indecent Assault Person Less 16 Yrs Age, Misdemeanor 2
  • Sale Of Tobacco, Summary

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16, at 9:30 a.m. with Judge Miller presiding.

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Extreme graphic details were not included due to the sexual nature of the crimes.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Several details were removed from this article to help protect the identity of the victim.

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