From the Court to Corporate: Oil City Basketball Star Now Enjoying the Bright Lights of Pittsburgh

Owen Krepps

Owen Krepps

Published February 19, 2024 1:00 pm
Last Updated: March 28, 2024 4:38 pm

OIL CITY Pa. (EYT) — Carlee Wenner always wanted to be like her older sister, Kaity.

Sisterly competition between the two siblings led Carlee to a tri-sport career at Oil City High School in volleyball, basketball, and softball.

There, she discovered her passion for sports, which taught her many life lessons.

“I was very dedicated to all three sports,” Wenner told “I attended as many open gyms as I could, and I played both basketball and softball in the offseason.”

“Being a part of middle/high school sports is a positive thing, and I recommend it to anybody.”

Wenner, who graduated in 2014, says that basketball emerged as her favorite sport.

Two key reasons Carlee took an interest in the sport were her goal of being more like her sister and her height in elementary school.

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“I wanted to be just like her and play what she played,” Wenner said. “As soon as I could, I dove headfirst into those things, too.”

She added, “It also helped because I was a large child and taller than all the boys in elementary school. I definitely had an advantage when I first started playing.”

While none of the teams Wenner played on in high school made deep playoff runs, she still developed lifelong friendships and memories, such as when Oil City beat Franklin in her junior year.

“Beating Franklin my junior year at home is a memory that sticks,” Wenner explained. “That was our main rival, and throughout my entire sports career, we just wanted to beat them, and we finally did it my junior year of basketball.”

Pictured: Wenner in her high school days.

Nearly a decade later, Wenner is building a life in Pittsburgh where she works as a Showroom and Home Builder Sales Leader at LIXIL, a plumbing manufacturer.

Her sales territory is a familiar one–Northwestern Pennsylvania.

She’s also the membership director at the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

“I really like Pittsburgh, and I have been here for six years now. It’s certainly different and a lot bigger. But, I enjoy the more fast-paced environment.”

Naturally, Wenner is not involved in the Oil City girls’ basketball program as she once was. However, she still keeps tabs on her alma mater as her younger cousin, Maddie Wenner, just went through the program.

The idea of coaching is one that Wenner has thought about as she enters her late twenties.

“I feel like now that I am getting into my late 20s that coaching is more intriguing to me,” said Wenner. “I have had some opportunities fall into my lap, but I have taken none, yet.”

There may still be a little of that sisterly competition in Carlee’s mind, too, as her sister Kaity coached at Venango Catholic from 2014 to 2021.

Perhaps Carlee will once again follow suit.

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