SPONSORED: NPRC Announces Business Work-Ready Skill Sets

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Published February 19, 2024 5:33 am
Last Updated: April 8, 2024 10:43 pm

WARREN, Pa. (EYT) – Northern Pennsylvania Regional College (NPRC) announces the addition of Business Work-Ready Skill Sets.

These skill sets will be offered starting in August 2024 with the 2024-25 academic year. These skill sets can be achieved in just two semesters and require the completion of three academic courses.

Four different Skill Sets can be earned in accounting/bookkeeping, human resources, marketing, and small business entrepreneurship. These skill sets are non-degree, short-term options for students, but the credits can also be applied toward the business administration associate degree at NPRC. If students elect to pursue a business administration degree, they have the potential to request to earn up to two business skill sets within their program curriculum. After completing their nine-credit skill set, students will be awarded documentation of their completed skill set.

These Business Work-Ready Skill Sets were added by NPRC to help students earn the skills necessary in specific areas of business to begin an entry-level career or advance their careers. They are perfect for businesses wanting to invest in their employees’ development and prefer a quicker return on investment for their employees.

Students will attend their courses in person like other NPRC students at one of 27 instructional locations across their 10-county service region. NPRC brings classroom learning to communities using distance learning technology, so students can interact, receiving face-to-face learning through connected classrooms.

For more information about Northern Pennsylvania Regional College’s Business Work-Ready Skill Sets, check out the institution’s website or email the College’s Student Services team at info@rrcnpa.org.

For more information, visit https://regionalcollegepa.org.

NPRC acknowledges that the information contained in this content is complete and accurate at the time of publication. It is descriptive in nature and the college reserves the right to make any adjustments it deems necessary or desirable. Updates to programs, tuition, or other academic-related items will be reflected in the online College Catalog or on the respective College web pages. Questions regarding the accuracy of content may be emailed to marketing@rrcnpa.org.

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