Tionesta Fish Hatchery: A Fun & Educational Experience for Young & Old Alike

Adam McCully

Adam McCully

Published April 19, 2020 4:45 am

TIONESTA, Pa. — Originally opened in 1929, the Tionesta Fish Hatchery is operated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission on 387 acres of state land.

The hatchery is open to visitors 7 days a week, year-round.

The hatchery specializes in raising walleye, steelhead, muskellunge, and tiger muskellunge to be stocked in Pennsylvania waterways.

Situated on 50 acres of the total acreage are nine earthen ponds for the walleye, 64 exterior concrete raceways for steelhead, musky (short for muskellunge), and tiger musky. The hatch house has tanks and egg incubation units used for rearing young fry (or juvenile).

The Hatchery features an impressive 2,000-gallon, multi-level viewing aquarium filled with musky, walleye, bass, bluegill, and other fish native to local waterways. It is open seasonally. The walls also have trophy mounted fish with articles detailing how they were landed.

The Tionesta Fish Hatchery, located at 172 Hatchery Lane, in Tionesta is a fun and educational experience for young and old alike. It affords you the chance to learn more about raising fish during all stages of life and about the many fish species found in local waterways.

For more information on the Tionesta Fish Hatchery and hundreds of other great places to visit, go to VisitPAGO.com.


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